Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Wangling out


the 17 point scale would like to make a correction to the 10/25/05 post (or wangle out of that post). like many jokes, this one may have crossed the line. we unsuccessfuly attempted to slip into the language of catholicism. having never been a catholic and only attended a few services, this was perhaps a sinking ship enterprise. in any case, in our sad excuse for satire, we flippantly adopted the phrase 'fallen catholic' to denote someone who does not regularly attend mass. indeed, we expected readers to think ' ah, fallen catholic, that's like calling a bedside baptist a heathen.' thus, while the comment was made in jest, it perhaps lacked both context and sensitivity. sorry.


Fallen Catholic said...

That was a surprising wangle. Thanks for the thoughtful post.

andrew said...

what about it was surprising? you're welcome.