Wednesday, May 03, 2006

united 93

beth and i saw united 93 tonight. one might think that a post-9/11 film might be a great date movie, but i'm here to say that despite the nearly empty theater, the atmosphere was a bit too somber for making out. and obviously date movies are only worthwhile if there is kissing. still, i would have liked to see a couple more couples turn out to see this film. after all, it's only been a week since opening day – i'm a little surprised that beth and i got two rows to ourselves for such an important movie.

in any case, you can read good reviews elsewhere. in short, i don't see how someone could have made a better film about this tragedy. united 93 was poignant without being preachy; it was touching without being (overly) dramatic. perhaps the greatest testament to the emotional punch of this film is that our audience of 20 left the theater silently. indeed, the hush reminded me of a maundy thursday service or compline at st. mark's. it was a holy quiet.

andrew david 'five pictures' yelapa, mexico. (yes, i know. it's a little odd to include pictures of a mexican cemetery in a post about a US historical film. still, they seemed somehow appropriate. also, aesthetically i didn't feel they were worth a post of their own. by the way, i doubt you find many pictures of the yelapa cemetery elsewhere; it's a little off the beaten path.)


Beth said...

icky! there's trapped white space between your pictures! That's a no-no.
But I really like these photos. Yelapa is so poor but these graves are so elaborate in comparison. I especially like the feeling the bottom middle photo gives. It's like a miniature village (of dead people).

andrew said...

i was alone in the cemetary but the graves were so lined with flowers and photographs and icons that it seemed i wasn't really alone.

and when i say 'a holy quiet,' sean is right to say "i think what you really mean is a 'respectfull quiet.'" but i think he's wrong to persist in labeling united 93 a hollywood money-making scheme.