Tuesday, May 16, 2006

real life gets in the way of blogging again

monday: lost two basketball games, 7-11, to nathan; watched 24
tuesday: celebrated beth's new job at tuta bella; watched 24
wednesday: barbeque with mark?
thursday: see the da vinci code
friday: hear bach at st. james
saturday: not sure. possible church dinner.
sunday: not sure. possible compline.

andrew david 'a not-so-photogenic cat' yelapa, mexico.

andrew david 'stray cats aren't fire proof' yelapa, mexico. these pictures really stink, BUT i thought it was quite shocking that the cat was so startled by my nikon and i that he fled through the fire. by the way, i hope these pictures load, they seem to be having some difficulty.


Beth said...

For the record: my new job is at SPU and was celebrated at Tutta Bella. I don't have a new job at Tutta Bella. Although the free fabulous food would be a tempting benefit.

andrew said...

good point.

i think i'd rather work at tutta bella than dominoes, but i think i'd prefer the pizza at dominoes.