Wednesday, May 17, 2006

blogging sucks

i hate blogging.

okay, maybe i just hate writing stories.

well, i probably just hate writing ongoing stories for my blog. i hate that i only have forty minutes to turn a phrase and conceive a plot. i hate playing scrabble with my sentences while battling the clock (i.e., my bedtime) and chatting with my roommate.

beth the s.o. 'google sucks.' seward, alaska.

that's right, i hate google and every billion dollar grossing gimics
they throw our way. mark just downloaded their new google screensaver; guess what. it sucks! and, as you will soon realize, their picture hosting program (hello) and blog server ( also suck. if things were working properly, you'd see that this is a picture of me (actually, despite google's suckiness, if you click the stupid little icon, you should still see the picture). i'm humbly laughing as beth takes a picture of me and my amazing dam, but you can bet that i'm not laughing now. laughter sucks, and it makes me angry.


Matt Basinger said...

Laughter makes you angery - does that mean that anger makes you laugh?

So in the picture were you building a dam, or were you damning google?


andrew said...

hmmmm...well, i think i was angry as i wrote this post--blogger crashed my computer as i was writing something--and i think i implied that 'i'm not laughing now,' so, if you believe my blog, no. however, if i'm honest, i think i was chuckling to myself as i hated on google, so yes.


(i zipped all the pics and tried to send them but had a little problem. i'll try again tomorrow. )