Friday, May 08, 2009


several facts about the history and present life of dishes in greenwood, washington:

1. there is one dish on my roommate's side of the sink; the dish is dirty. it may also be lonely--until a few days ago, there were dozens of dirty dishes to keep it company there.

2. fourish dishes are scattered on my side of the sink; they've been rinsed but probably do not fit your definition of clean. unlike the dirty dish on the eastern bank of the sink, these westerners generally prefer smaller groups of, say, zero to eleven.

3. a dozen or so dirty glasses are hanging out on the counter. until about twenty minutes ago, they were my roommate's responsibility, but we just swapped dishes for donations, so they're my responsibility now. that's right, dishes for donations. he's giving to
the other journal!

4. you can donate too, and i don't even have to do your dishes! visit, click "HERE," go through a quick registration process (sorry, that didn't use to be there--because you'll be giving so frequently, they want to provide you with silly online tools to help you manage all that well spent money), designate the donation as for
the other journal, and make the donation.

in other news, i plan to eat nachos tonight.

photo: andrew david. "bradys dirty dishes." robbins apartment, seattle, wa. according to the image properties, i took this photo at 9:38 PM on january 25, 2001, in commemoration of yet another roommate.