Friday, January 11, 2008

movie ratings

13.tristram shandy: a cock and bull story - funny; inventive filmmaking

inside man
- i don't remember
the break-up - i liked it more than others at the time

07.the lake house - the house that eponymizes the lake house is a fitting image for the film itself. the house balances precariously over the water on whisker thin stilts. these stilts are a great physical representation of the poorly-considered sci-fi premise that supports the lake house, and the coolest scene from the film is when the weight of bullock and reeves's unfortunate careers proves too much for the little stilts and the house tumbles and crashes
into the big blue lake of failure. okay, that scene may not really happen but the meaning of my metaphor still strikes true. and the thing is, the lake house has no qualitative pretensions. the synopses and previews don't attempt to hide the ludicrous nature of the film (and you already know that it stars bullock and reeves!) thus, as the s.o. and i sat down to watch the lake house, i suspended any and all cinematic expectations for the evening. however, the s.o. was unable to restrain her brain; her logic wouldn't leave her alone to enjoy the film. consequently, the horrors of the lake house were turned comedic as she punctuated the scenes with her sighs and mockery. indeed, the lake house is a chick flick for illogical chicks.

left to rate (2006)
who killed the electric car?
the devil wears prada
a scanner darkly
half nelson
jesus camp
the science of sleep
little children
a good year
deja vu
the pursuit of happyness
the painted veil
the good shepherd
children of men
pan's labyrinth

left to rate (2007)
freedom writers
seraphim falls
amazing grace
black snake moan
reign over me
hot fuzz
the invisible
pirates of the caribbean: world's end
knocked up
ocean's thirteen
live free or die hard
license to wed
harry potter and the order of the phoenix
the simpsons movie
the bourne ultimatum
michael clayton
american gangster
no country for old men
i am legend
charlie wilson's war


Brendan said...

That's quite the list of movies to watch. Someone has a lot of spare time!

andrew said...

no, no. that's movies that i've already seen, which probably denotes even more time spent on movies.

although, that's only 43 movies over the course of 1-2 years. that's between 1/2 a movie and 1 1/2 movies a week.