Wednesday, January 02, 2008

does your stomach purr when you're pregnant

"does your stomach purr when you're pregnant?" was an actual query on today, and the query returned my blog as the second hit! unfortunately, the 17 point scale isn't a particularly good resource for someone wondering about the likelihood of future kitty litters. if you have any answers for she of the purring stomach, please leave a comment in case she returns.

also, while i'm asking for advice, if anyone has any wise words about rats, i would be delighted to hear from you. there's a rat loose in our house, particularly in my room, and it doesn't seem to care much for mousetrap peanut butter.


LK said...

Lay the trap on newspaper, or more optimally, on a plastic bag. That way, if you catch the rat, you won't have to scrub his guts up off the floor, you can just bundle up the newspaper and chuck it in the dumpster.

Gretzky said...

I'm really not an advocate of violence, but I say find a b.b. gun. is it really a rat? not a mouse?