Wednesday, May 31, 2006

a gift for whitney

for her birthday, i promised to give beth's roommate, whitney, a picture from mexico. we looked over some of my photos together, but she wanted me to make the final decision. i thought this would be a great picture for her room -- whitney really likes both beth and i. when i have some time, i'll make beth and i a separate photoshop layer, lighten us up, and send this baby to the printer. whitney will be speechless. because the picture is for whitney, i recently removed it from the website. if you want to ask her for it, here is the citation: angela boyd. "andrew's most romantic moment in mexico" puerto vallarta, mexico.


Chadius said...


Nice photo, I tried to work it up a bit for you. Any good?

Anonymous said...

Or maybe just copy and paste the link:

andrew said...

yah! that's better.

how weird would it look if the figures were lightened and then turned to black and white.

Whitney said...

Wow, Andrew! You really know what goes well in my room!!