Tuesday, November 08, 2005

new blog idea [1]

i don't tend to drool. i'm also quite adept at wiping my nose when the winter cold strikes. in this regard, i think i provide a great example of the difference between man and animals: practical creativity. my skill at forestalling snott flow is partially predicated on my use of tools. kleenex, the back of a sleeve (preferably not mine), a hand, or the inside of a pocket all play an important role in my success. in any case, imagine, if you will, andrew turned beast. imagine that in midsentence he--graaaaaaaarrrrr!--shakes his head with a willful whiplash, roaring loudly while you sit at your computer transfixed because you've never seen andrew turn into an animal before. actually, you're probably most bewildered by all the flying mucus. you've certainly never seen so much drool (and snott) flying through the air at one time. and it just keeps coming. apparently, i've become a geyser of sorts. and, being an animal, have neither the desire nor the implements to stop the flow of the nickolodeon-like goo. now, if this ever happens in a literary sense--that is , if ideas and poetic reveries ever come flying out of my mouth and nose and ears and eyes at such an alarming rate that the world (or my life) is liable to flood--i'll need a second blog. one blog will not be able to contain all this literary snott. so, in future entries i hope to consider the best infrastructure for this blogo dos, before its too late.


beth said...

ew. so you're saying you're going to reorganize your blog....

isn't it spelled s-n-o-t?

andrew said...


yes, s-n-o-t. but lets consider that the extra 't' is for emphasis.