Wednesday, November 30, 2005

africa [1] and/or halloweeen

while not officially recognized by the UN, the continent of africa operates a small satellite in the greenwood area of seattle. for whatever reason, you won't find this northern outpost on many maps. nonetheless, the daily heapings of sadsa, funky drum beats, and celebration of everything african should make it relatively easy to find. at one time, this african enclave (in the person of mari) even crafted a beacon in order to attract fellow (in some sense) africans (these days, however, the most visible landmark is apparently a big tree, but nevermind that):
1. Andrew David 'Inspiration' Seattle --
2. Andrew David 'The dark continent' Seattle -- as seen in #1, this is actually a picture of a pumpkin sculpture by mari. i arrived at this title at 1am (after many Markian distractions kept me from my all-important task of posting these pictures) because of joseph conrad's 'heart of darkness.' i'm pretty certain that somewhere in that little book he uses that phrase; however, i just can't seem to remember if he's talking about africa or south america. oh, well. the major impetus for this title is the blatant paradox of a glowing dark continent. i'm writing this rather long explanation in order to dispel suscpicions that the title was born out of some subconscious racism. and also its 1am.

i could (and probably will) say much more about the odd shadow that africa manages to cast here in the puget sound, but i was actually hoping that this post could somehow segue into halloweeen. but alas, all i have left to say is, 'here are my halloweeen pictures!' #3 is my pumpkin.
3. Andrew David 'Jack' Seattle -- this is a pic of my coolest pumpkin ever
4. Andrew David 'Symbol' Seattle -- this is a pic of mari's brother's pumpkin
5. Andrew David 'Murder Is So Dreadful, But Someone Has To Do It' Seattle

and finally, because beth might not like #5, here's a cuter, less threatening pic:
6. Andrew David 'Beth XI' Seattle -- this is a pic of my coolest Queen Anne picture ever


Beth said...

you're right, I cringed at the picture, but I laughed histerically at the title (Murder is so dreadful, but someone has to do it). I like this post.

Beth said...

p.s. didn't I take some of those pictures? Particularly the Africa pumpkin? You were busy carving if I remember correctly.

andrew said...

yes, you took some pictures. you may have taken 'symbol.' if so, you should make your own picture title. i'm very certain that I took the pics of you and mari and the pics in the dark.

Kloister the Stupid said...

Arrr, ya misspelled sadza mate. It be a hangin offence...

Joel said...

Andrew, I am going to write a song called "Murder is So Dreadful, But Someone Has to Do It." Unless Morrissey has already done so.


andrew said...

kloister - crap. but when do pirates ever eat SADZA? how would you know?

andrew said...

joel - actually this reminds me a little of a ben kweller song, but i can't recall the track title. it might make me think of morrissey too, if i only knew who they were. in any case, you're quite welcome to the title if you like!