Thursday, November 17, 2005

a crazy cool scriptural epiphany

okay, i was in the process of going to sleep (head on pillow, eyes clothes), when i suddenly had this thought--and i feel a somehow like the speaker in ts eliot's Journey of the Magi when he suddenly interrupts the poem's running narrative to emphatically exclaim: "...but set down/This set down/This: ...." so, like eliot's aging wiseman, i will (interrupt my narrative of sleep and) tumble toward some capital 't' truth without wasting time to quibble with words or style (ie i'm giving myself 2 more minutes to finish this)--in joel 2:32, acts 2:21, and romans 10:13 the writers proclaims that 'everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved.' its one of the few verses that i can still remember (although i only remembered it once, not thrice). however, i have ALWAYS interrupted it in a rather straightforward manner, especially in terms of the 'from' phrase that seems to implicitly wait at the end of the verse. for example:

if you call when depressed, in need of strength for the day ahead, or desiring patience for that annoying co-worker, you will be saved.

if you call while being attacked by rabid coyotes and walruses, you will be saved (and then the theological question becomes, what does He mean by 'saved'?)

if you are being shadowed by the devil and his legions, you will be saved.

if you are burdened by your sins, you will be saved.

etc, etc, you will be saved.

these somewhat traditional applications of the verse(s) are certainly apt -- i'm sure i've used them all. but they also seem a if the act of calling for salvation first requires shifting the focus of my insecurity or problems to someone or something else. 'save me from this!' or 'save me from that!' but what do i really need saving from? MYSELF! i know, this is certainly not profound, but i feel like its crazy cool. i can't believe i never thought of this. indeed,
Lord, I'm calling upon you -- save me! save me from myself...


andrew said...

eyes closed

andrew said...

i have ALWAYS interpreted it