Friday, November 18, 2005

Alaska pics 4 (the end)

i'd love to hear feedback on any of these pictures or opinions on which, if any, to print & frame. however, many of these pics have been posted at beth's request for memory purposes rather than any aesthetic value. pictures with an '*' are currently under printing consideration. AND, BE GLAD; this is the final segment from alaska. oh, i'm especially having trouble deciding between glacier pictures...


1. Ramon or Susan David 'We Bring Greet from the North' Seward -- i think this pic has character.
*2. Andrew David 'At the Foot' Seward -- i can't decide which i like the best; i'd like to narrow it down to 1 or 2
*3. Andrew David 'Some of the Glacier' Seward -- there are no anchovies in this picture.
4. Ramon David 'Trail-worn Hikers' Seward -- beth and i.
*5. Andrew David 'Even Less of the Glacier' Seward -- like i said, i can't decide which of these pictures to like the best.
*6. Andrew David 'Vertically Speaking' Seward -- agg ximba.
7. Andrew David 'Moose!' Seward -- taken from long range from the back seat of the truck
*8. Andrew David 'Vertically Speaking II' Seward -- this particular formation reminds me of the fremont troll. i'm serious.
9. Ramon David 'PDA' Seward -- i wonder how long till someone asks me to remove this...


Beth said...


PAPDA (Peeps Against Public Destructive Art) said...

I am very upset about that PDA picture. I insist you remove it.

andrew said...

my apologies, but i will NOT remove the picture unless you mount a convincing argument. thank you for trying though.