Wednesday, November 09, 2005

new blog idea [2]

alright, here's the origin of yester-yesterday's blog. before my brief exploration of spittle, i was actually having rather ordinary thoughts like 'gosh, so-and-so is so great...' and i think this is a fairly human thing to think. after all, any myspace page or legitimate biography will have a section devoted to heroes. everyone has heroes. and i don't mean that we all have some real life equivalent to muscular men running around in tights and a bright cape. indeed, we might, but those magnificons would be superheroes not regular, no adjective meaning 'superior' or 'excellent' preceeding the word, everyday heroes. in any case, as i thought about how great (but not super, just so-so) so-and-so was, i wondered how many of the 2.6 million blogs represent serious attempts to chronicle statements of herodom. after discovering that there are only 3, i thought 'this is an untapped market! for my next blog, i should launch a journal of personal essays about my heroes (but again, not super-heroes). that will be uplifting and people will super love it!'

by the way, if you're wondering 'who's so-and-so?', so was i. back in elementary school. you see, on sunday evenings our pastor used to tell anecdotes about so-and-so. it took me awhile, but after hearing a few allusions to this perculiar entity, i realized that the pastor was just slurring his words a bit. still i couldn't understand what our neighbor's golden retriever, Solo, had to do with the Israelites or the transfiguration.


Beth said...

good idea. i want to know who so-and-so is FOR YOU.