Tuesday, November 22, 2005

the first essence [2]

Here is the sixth poem from my unpublished anthology Poems Written in Brady's UCORE Notes at 3AMish ca 2001:

Spread your wings
Not your legs

(i really have no anecdotes to share about this poem. looking back, i think it may have been too revolutionary, too cutting edge for a conservative christian arts journal like Second Essence.)

For more information concerning this poetry, please refer to my post entitled 'the first essence [1]'


Anonymous said...

how about:
Spread your wings
not your germs

(my goodness andrew...)

andrew said...

i like it. as a poet i find it so rewarding to see others emulating my style. while its enough to make the ego giddy, it is also touching to see others branching out and creating their own poems as a result of my work.