Thursday, November 10, 2005

Alaska pics 3

i'd love to hear feedback on any of these pictures or opinions on which, if any, to print & frame. however, many of these pics have been posted at beth's request for memory purposes rather than any aesthetic value. pictures with an '*' are currently under printing consideration.

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1. Andrew David 'Breakfast in Homer' Homer -- darrrrr for grey skies.
2. Andrew David 'Work is for People Who Don't Know How to Fish' Homer -- the vehicle of our fishin guide.
*3. Andrew David 'A 1000 Johahs' Homer -- i've got like 12 different versions of this shot. maybe one of them will materialize into something worthy of printing.
4. Andrew David 'Fish Family' Homer --
5. Andrew David 'Fish Face' Homer -- she's a fish, and she's holding a fish...go figure....
6. Andrew David 'Where are the heads?' Homer --
Andrew David 'McKinley' Denali St Park -- again, i have a 12 dozen of these shots...
8. Andrew David 'Beth McKinley' Denali St Park -- i like posting this picture right beside the other one. give me props for that.


Beth said...

Mckinley shot--cleans up beautifully.

andrew said...

i agree.