Monday, October 31, 2005

Our Purpose [1]

Dipping into the mail bag, we find that an important comment may have gone unrecognized. On Friday, September 16, Beth asked: "do you mean 'anecdote,' or do you really believe a blog should in some way neutralize or counteract the boredom and meaninglessness in the lives of its readers? In any case [...] you demonstrated [that] perfectly in your Christmas list. Good list, by the way."

At that time, we replied something like this: "Indeed. i meant to say 'anecdote.' that particular post was already running a bit past deadline, so i apparently didn't have the opportunity to fully edit its content. we at the 17 point scale take grammar quite seriously, so we welcome any and all input. so thanks again for your sharp eye. however, despite your fine catch, you may note that we have left the original content unaltered. after all, as you nearly suggest, the error may be more telling than its intended meaning. consider our freudian slip an unheralded & unconventional unveiling of our mission statement. the 17 point scale endeavors to step into the vast sea of blogs as an antidote to the ennui of our postmodern world."


Muhuhaha said...

An interesting throught from an author:

Any time something is written against me, I not only share the sentiment but feel I could do the job far better myself. Perhaps I should advise would-be enemies to send me their grievances beforehand, with full assurance that they will receive my every aid and support. I have even secretly longed to write, under a pen name, a merciless tirade against myself.

andrew said...

thanks for the post, muhuhaha. but you gotta' admit that jorge luis borges was a bit of an odd duck (or 'loco pato' as he might say). most people can't stand criticism. in fact, perhaps one of the most surprising obstacles for novice editors such as myself is that of the ego. rather than embracing editorial advice critically, many writers are so invested in their first drafts that they mount defenses before even considering editorial advice. in any case, thanks for the tacit comparison (it least thats how i'm taking it) to the father of magical realism. gosh. oh, you may be a bit prescient, my next post yet again be a bit self-critical...