Tuesday, October 04, 2005

a secret intermission [cont. 2]

okay, back to that sunset. believe it or not, we recently received an email from a reader with a bit of expertise in this field:

"i really like your sunset picture. did you shoot that on automatic (exposure)? Was that on your hike with Steve? Hope you feel better!"

okay, anyone with commen sense will wonder, 'how does a low budget blog like the 17 point scale have access to anyone with photography clout?' therefore, after making a thorough search of our archives, we uncovered the following information to support his credibilty (please pardon the picture; there is something shameful in using such a poor picture in a series of posts regarding photography. however, after clicking on the photo, you will note our informant's camera laying dormant beside him on the table. this is somehow relevant):

Name: confidential
Past Experience: Falcon Photographer http://thefalcononline.com/story/1684
Past Experience Caveat: the pictures on that link fail to illustrate the actual level of his work. they're just the best i could google in five minutes.
Training: star-pupil of the Director of Photography at World Vision
Training Caveat: photography aside, they deserve your money: http://www.worldvision.org/

In any case, the 17 point scale would like to issue the following statement in response to his query:

"I feel quite a bit better, maybe 91%. The photograph was indeed shot using automatic (exposure). It was shot in July of 2005 on the Kenai Peninsula. But there's something you should know about that photo..."

(if these cliffhangers are vexing, i'm sorry -- more on apologies later -- it just takes too long to write anything substantial. perhaps i should save info up and post in big fat bursts)


Beth said...

Hey! That's Brady in the photo at the falcon online!

andrew said...

and alisha.