Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Andrew David 'Priest Cleaners' Concord, Mass. 2005

Perhaps I'm a bit of a rogue Protestant. For example, in the winter of 2004 I knew nothing of blogs. Well, nothing except that they played some vague role in the dissemination of political news. In any case, while my roommates lost fake money on online poker, I lurked at an online catholic apologetics discussion site (http://forums.catholic.com/). In fact, while there I contributed to a thread on inter-faith marriage and started a thread inquiring about the catholic perspective of protestants. I thought the responses were quite interesting: http://forums.catholic.com/search.php?searchid=1290293. Then, bursting with my new found knowledge, I invaded my family camp-out to play the devil's advocate for Catholic theology. Gosh, I'm even dating a 'fallen' catholic. Still, I find this picture particularly relevant, especially in light of the recent sex scandals and the clergy's occasionaly dark history. Yep, I really think that the Catholic priesthood may need some cleaning help.


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errrrrr...yeah, fallen. as in fallen among the many 1000s of protestant splinter groups. she even attends a non-denominational church.

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ps, if the second link doesn't work, try clicking on the 'search' button (at the top) and typing in 'fatman'.