Monday, July 10, 2006

who's crazy? everyone that you know.

i'm not usually a link hound, but i have yet another website to share with you. back when i attended the redmond church of the nazarene (now redwood family church) an evangelist visited our church. his name was reverend paul bentley or pastor paul. he played guitar, told jokes, and had a son, pj, that was about my age. anyway, a few years after the revival, pastor paul briefly settled down and pastored our church. then he ventured north to alaska and then east to idaho. i guess he was something of a preaching nomad, a twentieth century john the baptist or johnny appleseed. one source (my roommate mark's friend jed) claims that while in idaho pastor paul contracted the west nile virus and, due to health problems, was forced to quit preaching (i'm hoping this isn't true; it sounds very sad). in any case, if one believes the internet, pastor paul is pulling a forrest gump--he's going to walk from idaho to florida! what the goose? real people do this? real people that i know go on 3000 mile hikes?

here's another real person that i know; i think she does a bit of walking too:

andrew david 'how beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news' nyc, ny.
(by the way, that's jacinda basinger; she's cool, real cool)