Wednesday, July 26, 2006

paintings but little prose

the heat wave has almost passed, so it's nearly safe to venture indoors at night. tomorrow i hope to resume blogging (e.g., i have a fun catholic-themed post in mind), but in the meantime, here are two photographs of georges-pierre seurat's "the channel at gravelines, evening." apparently, the french painter painted this piece in the summer of 1890. he used oils. check out the dots. my name is andrew. suddenly, i write choppy.

andrew david "check out the dots 1 & 2" moma, nyc.


Matt Basinger said...

Don't you mean you write you need the "ly?"


andrew said...

probably. there's a chance that i may have meant "i write THE WORD 'choppy.'" still, if that were the case, the sentence would be stinky because of the ambiguity. so, either way, it's a bad sentence.

you may not believe me, but i misused "choppy" on purpose. i suppose i used it for comic effect or because i was tired.

Joel said...

Woah, woah woah -- time out. Matt, correcting grammar? Aren't you, like, a science dude?

Your misspelling of "choppily" does give me hope, however, that the world is still as it should be.

Matt Basinger said...

Me like science only, me no likey writing, me no likely readering.

grunt grunt, scratch scratch