Thursday, July 27, 2006

the catholic colbert

ack! look at the time! from where i'm sitting it's 12:08am. since i promised a splash of catholic fun, here's a link that you MUST press. i found it on looking closer, a blog by past image artist of the month, jeffrey overstreet. mister overstreet's internet home seems devoted to movie links (i.e., trailers and reviews) and commentary, but every july 17, 2006 he sends readers to mormon 2 catholic. and that's the link of interest. though mormon 2 catholic may be intriguing enough to warrant further study, today's post is more about laughs than life journeys or spiritual quests. and when you need big belly laugh, everyone (who watches cable) knows that you can depend on stephen colbert. on the serious side, the link also includes some interesting quotes from the man behind the laughter, just be sure to watch the video first. and, if that's not serious enough, here's an npr interview with colbert (which i haven't listened to yet).

andrew david "two paintings that remind me of my short-lived career as a junior high painter" moma, nyc.

1. Vasily Kandinsky. (French, born Russia. 1866-1944). Panel for Edwin R. Campbell No. 3. 1914. Oil on canvas, 64 x 36 1/4" (162.5 x 92.1 cm). Mrs. Simon Guggenheim Fund. © 2006 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris; if you're still skimming this citation, let me say again, this painting is just like the masterpiece i created in mrs. barnfather's class!

2. Marc Chagall. (French, born Belarus. 1887-1985). I and the Village. 1911. Oil on canvas, 6' 3 5/8" x 59 5/8" (192.1 x 151.4 cm). Mrs. Simon Guggenheim Fund. © 2006 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris. the crazy thing is that if, on your very first attempt at finding the name of this painting, you google "painting moma woman milking cow scythe," you will find the painting in question. and, from the looks of it, pages turned may be yet another noteworthy blog; at least there's a ton of stuff on literature. ummm..the colors are weird....sorry....

...if you haven't clicked the link yet, do it now....


Beth said...

Thanks for posting that link, Andrew. I've forwarded it on to a favorite Catholic of mine, GW.

hee, I just had my favorite verification word so far: gaspyelf. That's kinda like me now--with the high desert elavation, I'm a bit gaspy myself. And we all know how you like to think of me as an elf.

andrew said...

gaspy one,

i hope greg enjoys the link. i thought the unitarian part was funny too.