Wednesday, July 19, 2006

i need help

my boss is writing an editorial that advocates a return to etiology in psychiatric nosology. to some extent (at least an ittly-bitty one--can you say that about an extent? can you have a great BIG extent and then a little mouse fart extent?) that means that i am writing an editorial advocating a return to etiology in psychiatric nosology. fun stuff, eh? not necessarily: scientific writing in my department tends to be rather dry. but after performing a literature survey of psychiatric and genetic journals, i discovered that there's a lot more freedom with editorials. they often tend to be (or try to be) creative or humorous. so, i'm hoping to inject some creativity into debby's editorial. this may a worthless pursuit, but work's been slow, so i have some time on my hands. however, it's been sooooo long that i've done any creative academic writing that i've lost the ability to gauge my own ridiculousness. that is, i've crafted a few possible introduction paragraphs (rough drafts, of course), but i need help determining if they actually work.

if you're willing to contribute some input, click this link or any of the links below and comment away (here or there)!

no metaphor and next paragraphs
algebra metaphor
candy dish metaphor
modest mouse fire metaphor
no modest mouse fire metaphor


andrew said...

here are some related comments from the 17 point scale appendix:

andrew said...

that didn't work. here's what richard simmons said:

"[The modest mouse fire metaphor] is my favorite. But I'm a huge modest mouse fan. Maybe a more appropriate lyrics would be from The Devil's Workday:

" 'Gonna take this sack of puppies.
Gonna set it out to freeze.
Gonna climb around on all fours
'til all the blood falls out my knees. ...
I could buy myself a reason.
I could sell myself a job.
I could hang myself on treason.
Oh I am my own damn god.

"Or maybe black cadillacs:

" 'And we were done, done, done
With all the f#*k, f#*k, f#*kin' around.
You were so true to yourself.
You were true to no one else.
Well I should put you in the ground...'

"Any of these seem like appropriate lyrics for this type of an article.

"Modest Mouse makes me feel so SPECIAL.

"Your friend,


to which i said:

"'good news...' is just a darn good album. thus it should come as no suprise that when i pitched your suggestion to my boss, she decided to use 'the devil's workday' as an introduction to another manuscript she's working on; it's about the genetics of alzheimer's disease. however, the black cadillac song was too cheerful. she prefers her essays to be a bit more gloomy."