Sunday, July 16, 2006

five days in review

thursday: watched smoke on the mountain at the taproot theater. the music and acting were great. i'm not sure if the play was hoping to be good-natured and funny, spiritual, or satirical. if you like blue grass, ol' time gospel, and either of those three things motives, go see some smoke.
friday: boated to cypress island (in the san juans)
saturday: hiked to something-or-rather point and hot-tubbed
sunday: out-farmed beth, mr. and mrs. van selus, and mr. and mrs. oines
monday: i am tentatively planning to buy alex a drink in honor of his promotion to executive assistant at dc3

my computer is acting lazy. it's about three keystrokes behind everything that i write. this means an end to the evening's post.

matt basinger. "the solitary subline" nyc, ny.

(by the way, that's me. if i were to guess, i'd say that i'm either considering how a blithe twenty-something-year-old seattlite could best serve the urban dungeons of nyc or i'm posing)


Matt Basinger said...

nice picture - the photographer must be truly gifted.


andrew said...

i agree. it's neat the way that the tunnel narrows so dramatically. however, some credit has to go to the model. he's nailed the pensive, attractive look.