Monday, July 17, 2006

find the dude with the yellow coat! note your time in the comments field.

as part of our wim wenders decathlon, beth and i spent this evening eating pancakes and watching million dollar hotel. bono is all over this movie (mr. t------, please remember, that's bah-no, not bo-no); he wrote the screenplay, made the music, and even cameoed. the movie also features a surprisingly harsh performance by mel gibson and a scraggly bunch of mentally ill characters. the lead role belongs to tom-tom, a puck-like 'village-idiot' who flirts curiously, speaks curiously, and hops curiously.

after sharing our thoughts on this unusual film, beth and i began to discuss tomorrow's plans. then, as i was about to propose a run around greenlake, the image of tom-tom suddenly popped into mind. before i could restrain my imagination, our hypothetical run was transformed into a three-mile hopping. and what better way to hop than by matching his-and-her pogo sticks? despite this brilliant plan, i'm afraid that the farthest i've ever pogo-stuck is about four feet. apparently, that's about 23 miles less than the world record.

1. andrew david "magical kingdom" central park, ny. -- in case you can't tell, i tampered with the colors of this photo. i just felt obligated to post at least one picture of central park scenery.
2. "where's waldo" grand central station, ny. -- find the dude with the yellow coat! double-click the picture to enlarge it and then start counting. once you've found waldo, note your time in the comments field. it took me many, many minutes because i didn't know i was looking for him until after i posted the picture.


Richard Simmons said...

10 seconds!

Your friend,


sean said...

2 seconds! Beat that Richard Simmons!


Beth said...

6 segundos.

Mer said...

Three seconds! Not bad...:)

andrew said...

good job everyone! i can tell you've all had some practice...