Wednesday, January 04, 2006

web surfing: mexican edition

Casa Anita y Corona del Mar

La Casa Iguana Hotel

Playa Conchas Chinas
Hotel Torre De Oro

these are some possible cheap but nice hotels. read the reviews. check out thelocations. click on 'quickcheck' (on the right) to see prices (it searchs expedia,, etc). or just search the 'popularity index' (on your right) for other well-liked hotels. i'm a bit afraid that the cheaper the hotel, the lamer your pool. perhaps we could visit whitney at her pool. one guest called it an 'oasis' (but it also looks out of our price range...unless we could get the same deal...).

so who's going?

other folks

sean & his gang of 5+ - yes, but staying in a separate hotel, flights already booked. may meet up with them for pool dodgeball, grub, and some drinks. staying at hotel suites la siesta.
whitney and fam' - we'd probably plan to hang out with whitney a lot. like us, she hasn't booked her ticket or entirely committed, but will be staying with her brother in another hotel.

andrew - yes, if enough people can be gathered to make hotel affordable
beth - yes, if enough people can be gathered to make hotel affordable
katy (or ie? i forgot already) - ? may stay with whitney
mari - ?
megan - interested but doubtful

emily - doubtful
danny - doubtful
allison - doubtful
evan - ?
angie - yes

at the moment i'm thinking that we probably need a combination of 4, 5, 6, or 8 to make it affordable, but i dunno...if you think of others that might be interested, please comment...


Beth said...

megan-doubtful but maybe
I don't know about depending on someone else for a nice pool. If I'm flying all the way to Mexico, I want a fancy pool to complete the tropical experience. Right outside my door.

andrew said...

after reading more reviews, la casa iguana sounds great. its has a nice looking pool, is on the beach, is nearby trails to 'secluded beaches', is nearby an 'authentic mexican village', and is just a 45 cent bus ride from downtown....a group from seattle even liked it...

Beth said...

The conchas chinas one looks ok to me, too.