Sunday, January 29, 2006

ouch, i've decided to buy an ipod

and, to enjoy an ipod, i'll need to purchase several hundred accessories. so much for being thrifty! actually, apple is really quite kind. in addition to free shipping, they also offer free engraving. unfortunately, their generosity poses a bit of a problem. at our work christmas party last night (a little late for christmas, but oh well) i learned that according to chinese calendar, i am a monkey; beth, the great chinese astrologer then informed me that my chief character trait was indecisiveness. unfortunately, this discovery was right on the mark. for the past thirty minutes i have been agonizing about what to permanently stencil on my (soon-to-be) new billion dollar toy. thus, i ask the assistance of my loyal readers -- oh, what shall i inscribe on my ipod?


beth said...

how about: indecisive monkey
or: Andrew David

Anonymous said...

mmm how about "my ipod"

or "zimbabwe is great"

Chadius said...

Keep things consistent. Go for "the 17 point scale"

andrew said...

thank you all!

see monday's post for my decision.