Saturday, January 14, 2006

crazy bumper sticker and GO HAWKS!

hmmm...check out this bumper sticker that the washington state democratic party almost sold on their website. here's an apology from the chairman. here's how i found out about this. oh, and if you read to the end of the comments on that first link, you'll see my response.

anyway, the HAWKS play at 1:30. and thanks to my amazing, beautiful, brilliant, literate, hard-working, well-dressed, philosophical, generous, travel-savvy, stylish, conscientious, artsy, fun-loving, admirably righteous, clever, contact-wearing, cute,
soon-to-be-football crazed girlfriend, i'll sitting at the 20 yard line!

that's right, i'll be at the game! a SEAHAWKS playoff game to see the first HAWK playoff victory on the road to the superbowl!


[sometime later, its also the 5th comment to this post]
whitney -

here's what i HATE: contentedly chewing on a candy-cane only to find that - yuck! - you've been eating candy cane wrapper. and then begins the desperation; contorting the tongue into the molars in order to pry out htose pesky plastic pieces. and then the chocking. aggh.

whitney, face it, if you're a democrat, then you're a heathen. all of you left-wing liberals are just a bunch of sinners. oh,wait...i guess that's true of republicans too. well, so much for that.

it seems to me that the assumption that 'everyone should be as i am' is just another part of being human. hearkening back to psych 101, i think that this philosophy is the second or third tier of maslow's pyramid. once your material needs are satisfied, you look up from your happy belly and start to ponder how everyone else isn't meeting your needs.

at least that's my experience. some folks, myself included, have a laundry list of things that christians (or moral people) can't do. i don't think that's altogether bad -- in fact, its kinda' crucial to have a moral compass -- its just that our laundry lists tend to grows longer and less flexible as time goes by. soon enough, we only value other christians, other republicans, other people that we view as tolerant. so, to conclude, democrats are the same way. as a seattleite i doubt i can even count the number of times that i've heard rash generalizations of conservatives as unenlightened, cross-bearing idiots; as if democrats have the monopoly on intelligence. ultimately, i think those clowns at reefer magnets and the wsdp had a novel idea, except instead of writing HYPOCRITE on that Jesus-fish, the bumper sticker should have tatooed the slogan across the forehead of a generic stick-figure. we're all just a bunch of hypocrites.


Lo said...


whitney said...

I read your took forever to get there! Anyway, I appreciate your defense of the Democratic Party- we're not all bad. I am always annoyed by the assumption that Christians SHOULD BE Republicans, as though there's some mandate in the Bible or by God. I do not like the superior attitude of Republicans who think that their party is better and right. I agree more with your comment about the Democratic Party following the Biblical mandate for serving the poor better than the Republican Party. I'm not trying to say Republicans are all bad, or that the Democratic Party is always right. Rather, I am saying I HATE that superior attitude of Republicans that was very apparent in the blog postings.

Matt Basinger said...

Andrew - nice post, and horray for the hawks! Do you think they'll go all the way?

Great to see you this weekend, I sure miss you and Beth.


andrew said...

okay, for those of you that don't want to read a 1000 bickering messages, here's how i replied on the dude's website:

"holy goose! this created quite a debate.

"DunnerMeister, i'm wondering if you have a link to the seattle times article where the WA state Democratic chairman apologized for this bumper sticker? i'd be interested to see how it was spun.

"personally, i find this event to be a both shocking (in that the democratic party was stupid enough to single out christians in this negative manner), offensive, and convicting.

"however, as i read the posts i also felt a bit like rogue -- it seemed that many posters were taking universal shots at democrats rather than the wa democratic party leaders. after all, as even you (nearly) suggest in a later post democrats can't be entirely evil - in fact, i think that many christians align with the democratic party because of its stance on providing a 'social safety net.' while not a democrat myself, i often think that they're traditional ties to social services better reflect the bible's message of caring for the poor than the republicans. but that's an entirely different debate..."

andrew said...

whitney -

here's what i HATE: contentedly chewing on a candy-cane only to find that - yuck! - you've been eating candy cane wrapper. and then begins the desperation; contorting the tongue into the molars in order to pry out those pesky plastic pieces. and then the choking. aggh.

i also HATE it when i look down at the time and see 12:47AM, so i'm going to reply to you in earnest at a later date...

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i don't think i like blog demons, but i'm not sure yet. hi!

andrew said...

don't you hate it when you chock? i do.