Saturday, January 21, 2006


it may be lame, but in appreciation of tomorrow's big game, i'd like to recycle an old comment:

Lo, who, incidentally, i just met in-person at matt basinger's birthday party: tsk tsk. poetry and sports. interesting blog. you've made me think.

and don't you think that its about time that football and poetry (even if it be my mock poems) finally

what is poetry
if not the brutal
clashing of bones? words
mashed together

on the one-yard line
with a phrase (or two)
coming untucked.
syntactical shaun alexanders,
dashing for an endzone
of the sublime...

and, might i add, scoring many, many touchdowns on our way to detroit.

whitney -- i still haven't responded entirely to your message. instead, i've tossed stones at yet another conservative position by your friend with the bumper sticker. // patty griffin's love throws a line & ben fold's last polka.


John Stuart Mill said...

After reading your posts on other bloggers' blogs, I now bestow upon you the first ever J. S. Mill award for well-written, tactful, and logical responses to poorly-argued and biased arguments that don't deserve your time.

Joel said...

OMG JSM! I <3 "On Liberty" !!1!1