Monday, January 30, 2006

i finally join the apple gang

thank you all for your suggestions. i also considered brief quotes from andrew's poetry, song lyrics (switchfoot, ben folds, radiohead, death cab for cutie, etc), quotes (solzhenitsyn, dostoyevsky, david james duncan, ts eliot, william wordsworth, etc), and bible verses.
beth: indecisive? while true, i don't think it's wise to advertise my character flaws so much. and monkey? despite the recent revelation concerning my chinese monkeyhood, i lack any history with monkeys. it isn't even my power-animal. and what if i bring the ipod to an interview?

fancy pants HR-bot: looks great! well, mr. david, i think you're our top candidate so far. congratulations! now i've been meaning to ask you about your ipod? my son's been wanting one and i'm quite interested in the user interface. may i see yours?

andrew: of course...

fancy pants HR-bot: ...yes, i really like the easy navigation that this patented click-wheel provides. and the display is beautiful. but...what's this? indecisive monkey? is that you? i'm sorry, we were really looking for someone capable of making snap decisions.
anonymous: 'my ipod' seems sensible. perhaps a bit too sensible. in fact, 'my ipod' reminds me of the organizational style of windows: my computer, my documents, my pictures....'zimbabwe is great,' on the other hand, would certainly make my ipod unique. i'm just afraid that it's a tad ignorant. i've never been to zimbabwe or even africa. for all i know, zimbabwe could be a paradise or the country equivalent of a vat of goo. who knows? perhaps something like 'she tells me that / zimbabwe is great'
chadius: bingo! i agree.
[the following will be centered on two lines on the back of my new ipod]

the 17 point scale
(oh, chicken-goose)


Beth said...

and "oh, chicken-goose" will look professional in an interview?! Oy vey!

andrew said...

once explained, the term 'chicken-goose' is a phrase with which everyone can relate. the need to mutter expletives is universal, especially when associated with frustrating electronics like an ipod. if anything, i'm sure the interviewer will be impressed by creativity and restraint.

andrew said...

that's MY creativity and restraint.