Sunday, January 01, 2006

christmas list (received)

wow. contrary to [my] personal opinion, i guess i am spoiled. plus, i probably forgot about 4 things.

1. a christmas candle

2. blanket
3. book: elements of style
4. book: the grammar bible
5. book: chicago manual of style
6. cushions for sports games
8. 14-22 ding dongs
9. coat
10. tripod
11. chocolate orange sticks
12. 4 flavors of life savers
13. 3 pairs of boxers
14. tube socks
15. hiking socks
16. deoderant
17. mouthwash
18. body wash
19. that silly body wash scrubby thing
20. razor blades
21. roll of tums
22. 2 dayquil tablets
23. book light
24. flat bookmark pens
25. funny cinnamon gum
26. poems on cd
27. a to-go bowl of cinnamon toast crunch
28. apple cinnamon candle
29. book: on dangerous ground
30. book: the red horseman
31. a fleece
32. christmas pajama pants
33. peppermint foot mask
34. shirt: ER'UOY EMOSDNAH (just imagine the letters facing the opposite way, like this 3 vs. E)



Mark said...

Hmm, perhaps the letters backward thing didn't work out so well... You could post a picture of it...

Mark said...

19. AKA Scrubby, Scruffy, Loofa
33. The very bestest peppermint foot mask in the whole world!

andrew said...

mark -- i tried to paste the picture in there and it came out as gibberish; pleasant gibberish, but gibberish nonetheless.

ohhhhhhhhh, loofa. that reminds me of OUSTA! as in LIPS! as in veggie tales!

we'll see...