Friday, June 02, 2006

strange men

wednesday i saw a man with a big bushy gray tail coming out of his pants. beth said, 'don't look, but there's a man with a tail coming out of his pants.' i said 'a tail? what do you mean?' 'look.' sure enough, there was a man with a tail coming out of his pants.

this isn't him:

andrew david 'shiny space alien man buys some advil' puerto vallarta, mexico. (taken in february; originally a color photo)


Mer said...

Sounds like you found Darwin's missing link.

andrew said...

maybe. the tail looked rather raccoony. i bet that darwin would be a bit surprised to find that we descended from these bandit-faced critters.

Angela said...

Wow. Where was I on this adventure? I completely missed the sighting... although, my mom and I did see a UFO hovering last Sunday over Lynnwood and then just disappear. I think that's as close as I want to be to an alien for now.

andrew said...

you were around. i think i darted off onto a side street while you and beth were chatting with sean and company.

a ufo??? well, it's lynnwood. that doesn't much surprise me.