Friday, June 09, 2006

google searches & house tour

my cyberpet, the statcounter, attempts to track how many people visit my blog and their method of doing so. during the last 100 visits, there were 5 visitors who arrived by google and 2 by yahoo. here are their queries:

drill down4 visits
36.36%the 17 point scale
drill down2 visits18.18%
drill down1 visits9.09%interracial photo sessions
drill down1 visits9.09%failed blog
drill down1 visits9.09%god laughs and plays
drill down1 visits9.09%lekkerman
drill down1 visits9.09%history of church on yelapa

failed blog! hah. i have no interracial photo sessions to share, so i thought i'd share another little chunk of my mexico photos instead. by the way, after a few months worth of posts, i'm finally nearing the end of the good photos from that trip. anyway, here's a tour of our $95 accomodations in yelapa (that's right, only $95 bucks! crazy ridiculous good deal; in case you're wondering, this is at casa isabel):

a view from beth's bed; a view of beth, angie, and our front porch; a view of beth's bed and the kitchen from my bed

a view of of beth, the kitchen, and some ladders to the girls' rooms; angie's bed; the bathroom sitting room

my bed and views from my bed
the shower (well, kinda')
the bathroom (kinda)