Thursday, June 22, 2006

blue scholars lyrics!

Perhaps you've noticed that a complete set of lyrics to the Seattle-based, thoughtful hip hop group Blue Scholars is unavailable on the internet. Well, let me be the first to congratulate Andrew for now having the first ever internet links to the Blue Scholar's self-titled album's complete lyrics!

Check it out; leave me a comment if you have suggestions about words that don't seem quite right.

solstice: reintroduction

blue school
bruise brothers
motion movement
the inkwell
burnt offering
evening chai
the ave
life & debt
no rest for the weary


andrew said...

mari, i had the editorial staff at the 17 point scale streamline your post a bit. i hope you don't mind...

Anonymous said...

well in no rest for the weary, geo says, "I can't be getting crunk and faded as often"

Alex said...

Thanks for the lyrics, very nice work!

CatMorgan said...

First place I've found them -- thank you!

jimmith said...

this is tight, but i'd have to say that in 'no rest for the weary' he says "i'm a battle scar wearin heir apparent",and in the next line he says proliterian wich literally means someone in the working or "blue collared" class

Anonymous said...

There will always be people out there who appreciate good, honest work, despite how little or how many of them there are. Keep it up, people check this stuff out and whether you see it in the comments or not.


"Hey Pete, why do even write songs like this, man, people ain't gonna change."
"I don't know, Bill, you know, uh, there might be somebody out there listening, man, you never can tell, you know?"

Anonymous said...

this is great. thanks so much!

Matt said...

I just heard of blue scholars yesterday cause my friend got songs on my comp and i was listening to them and heard blue scholars, " no rest for the weary" and "back home" BLUE SCHOLARS ROCK! Bring soldiers home from iraq!!!!!!!! RON PAUL 2008!!

Matt said...



RON PAUL 2008!!!!!

danny glover said...

geo actually says "i can't be gettin crunkdafaded as often". i would know, cuz i've gotten CDF with him before, and it's slang term that we've often used in the past. but obviously it doesn't happen as often anymore.

Anonymous said...

im looking for the lyrics for the dawn song.. do u have it?