Sunday, June 18, 2006

happy father's day!

my dad's quite a character. over the course of my life he's crashed motorcycles, surf boards, and boats. he's been a sunday school teacher, soccer coach, ship captain, and pizza baron. more recently he's become a bit of a mad scientist: in mid-july, he'll be opening salem's first 3D, dark light, mini-golf pirate adventure (i tried to include a link, but the website for pietro's pizza must be top secret; i can't find it). i find this unusual enterprise to be emblematic of my father's personality. he tends to operate in two modes: goofy, light-hearted, and laid-back or business savvy serious. the mini-golf is a little bit of both.

i've learned a lot from my dad. i read the good book, watch world cup highlights, pilot the occasional water craft, and eat a lot of pizza. i don't plan to invent a new kind of mini-golf, but he has pushed me to use my creativity in my own way. yep, i'm lucky; my dad does the stuff that dads are supposed to do--love, encourage, and discipline. it may sound elementary, but my dad's the best!

he also does facial expressions and sports a nifty green fanny pack:

andrew david 'dad' seward, alaska.