Wednesday, March 15, 2006

what is the 17 point scale?

don't worry, sean, i can occasionally post blog entries from my quiet study corner!

at last count john perkins, the civil rights superhero of 17 point scale fame, had accrued seven honorary doctorates. i'm sure he's a great guy (no, really; i'm quite positive about this. you can check out his bio if you don't believe me. let me warn you though, it's a bio; bios are boring), but (even with his great-guyness in mind) is that really fair? perhaps i'm misguided, but i've always been under the impression that a doctorate connotes a rigorous, somewhat-structured, academic accomplishment. i guess not.

well then, let's spread the love around. hmmm...where to start? let's see, another great guy, my loving roommate mark, has attended almost 7 universities with nothing but a loan to his name. i lack the proper accreditation to offer him any kind of degree, but i've got something even better up my sleeve.

in the winter of 2005-06, mark gave me a christmas gift that unwittingly propelled him into the good graces and high esteem of the 17 point scale: a black shirt with the phrase 'nobody reads my blog' printed boldy across the chest. at the time it was kind of silly (and true), but in recent weeks it has proved an ideal advertising gimmick. for example, i wore the christmas tee to saturday's bingo party and happily found my blog to be the subject of several scintillating conversations. in these contexts, people tend to ask, 'what do you blog about?' it really is a puzzling question; i careen from topic to topic without much consistency. today, for instance, my blog attempts to leveling balance of fame. indeed,
because the 17 point scale owes mark a great debt for the free publicity associated with his gift, the 17 point scale is pleased to confer the title of honorary 17 point scale marketing director upon his business savvy shoulders. (take that, great-guy john perkins and all your honorary cronies!)

and now, what about that question? what do i blog about? thankfully, puts an end to any pointless pondering. their site compiled the overall 17 point scale word usage into a simple word graphic (look left). in case you are unfamiliar with this technology, larger words represent more common 17 point scale words while the tiny words are less used.


Beth said...

that is so cool. my name is as big as "seahawks."

Adam Morrison's Moustache said...

Beth, you are even bigger than the seahawks. And I mean that in a good way.

Notice how Andrew is the biggest - fits his egotistical personality.

Oh, and thanks for continuing to post during your studies.

Go Dawgs!!!!

The 17 Point Scale Marketing Director said...

Yes!! I have earned my immortality as the greatest one of all!!! (What the "one" is I don't know.)

By the way, snapshirts has worked all day. I want to see what it does for my site...

andrew said...

well, greatest marketing director of the 17 point scale, of course. duh. however, just as many noteworthy individuals are granted honorary degrees, if i see the need, i am likewise prepared to hand out other honorary titles.

did you get snapshirts to work?