Friday, March 24, 2006

you think i'm weird now? check this out (two)

an excerpt from the notebooks of andrew and hakeem
somewhere around page 33
paragraph 2
written by andrew
ca. 1995

"So you have come to the land of the living, my dear friend?" came the slow halting prattle of the old man. After waiting for three minutes and getting no response from the chicken (who lay engulfed in gravy) the old man correctly assumed that the gravy had dulled the chicken's senses or that he was just real dumb (in both cases he was right).

"I pulled your corpse out of the bushes near the post office. You see, I thought you twould make a decent meal, when I realized you were still living. Though trained in the martial arts, I could never kill a fellow human being, let alone a chicken. What is your name?"

Again no response; the chicken hadn't yet noticed the man. He was trying his hardest to think of a way out of the gravy but to no avail.

"Well, young bird, I shall call you Big, no....I respected Big Bird until he retired, but he became a [strange indecipherable insult] and went around eating people for, I shall call you Goliath. Goliath, I am Bruce Lee...."

andrew david "american girls and a young boy they never met" mismaloya, mexico.


Sean said...


Oh my darling, what happened in that game!!! How in the world could Jim Calhoun yell at the officials at the end of the 1st half - his team more than doubled UW at the free throw line! Why do I feel that Seattle teams get hosed in any big game.

Yes, I will admit that we made some big time mistakes - hello, Mike Jensen, what are you doing fouling when you HAVE A THREE POINT LEAD!!!!! Also, Apple-bee don't be an idiot - you stole the ball take it to the rim. AAAggh the game killed me.

All in all, UW showed the nation (except most of East coast was probably asleep) that they're for real. UConn needed the refs to get a win. I'm proud of our boys.

There - I need to rant after that game. Thank you!


sean said...

Oh, and chickens, they pretty much rock.

andrew said...

i can't agree more (with both your posts). in fact, your first post preempted saturday's post. i'm glad i'm not the only one who feels a bit bitter about the officiating. darrrrrrrrrg.

sean said...

Shoot, Andrew, I still want you to write a post about the game. Do it now!