Monday, March 13, 2006


for the rest of the month, i'm stuck at my desk pouring over thomas carew, gertrude stein, euphuisms, and every other potentially testable scrap of world lit. therefore, the 17 point scale is officially proclaiming march the 'live-vicariously-through-your-friends-and-online-neighbors' month. that is, since i'll be confined to my study corner, i'm encouraging you to explode forth from your computer and perform all kinds of crazy deeds in the name of andrew. hmmm...that means, if you're not me, this is actually the 'my-friend-and-online-neighbor-is-living-vicariously-through-me' month. there must be some way to consolidate those two any case, as you go about your living, i strongly recommend exploring BAC, an exciting assortment of FREE artsy classes. these quick courses range from irish dancing, thai cooking basics, and zimbabwean singing to ts eliot's the wasteland, cheesemaking, and an introduction to the didjeridu.

andrew david 'a postcard from 1971' peurto vallarta, mexico (day 1).