Thursday, March 09, 2006

back page: the sacred journey

the sacred journey: a memoir of early days by frederick buechner

"so...having not read much 'non-fiction' for fun, i'm not sure what to say. how 'bout this: freddy's definitely found his 'voice.' at times his writing style seems deceptively simple, even hypnotic. he has done a masterful job at piecing his memories together into a meaningful (and, in rare places, preachy) message. in fact, he provides a first-rate example of how to do [exactly] what he suggests, [an example of how to] pour over our pasts for surprising glimpses of God's grace-filled touch....see page 7"

page 7: "wow, beth, you're right. if nothing else, he sure knows how to write a stirring introduction."

by the way, if you follow the link, you may find a little blurb by dr. doug thorpe, english professor at seattle pacific university (and an equally stunning shorter version of my blurb. actually, i feel a bit self -conscious about posting sucky 3 sentence reviews on amazon, but oh well. i think its actually helpful. who really has time to read an entire paragraph?).

andrew david 'daddy, its a tourist; can i feed him?' puerto vallarta, mexico, day 3?


beth said...

FUNNY picture title.
Hey all the books you reviewed on you gave 4 stars. Is that a pattern or just a coincidence?

andrew said...

neither. my rankings are just a faulty by-product of a five point scale. i wanted to say something better than middle of the road and something worse than perfect. thus, those four stars encompass a huggggggggggggeeeeeeeee range. amazon would be wise to institute something a bit more informative, something a little bit more like a 17 point scale.