Tuesday, December 05, 2006

mp3 update

i've finished rating my mp3 library, hooray! that means that i've assigned a rating to 4,184 songs. in celebration, i've spent the last 15 minutes listening only to songs that were rated five stars (that's 88 songs on random play) and posting a picture of cake (the next best thing to eating it). i also deleted some of those nasty albums that were wasting precious disk space (about 1 gig to nearly be precise). now, because i know you all love lists, here are the first 11 albums (/artists)to receive the axe:

doolittle/pixies (everyone seems to love the pixies; everyone but me, that is)
frances the mute/the mars volta (intriguing album and band name, but, oh, well)
hoars/16 horsepower
laundry service/shakira
peel slowly/the velvet underground -- i left a few 3 star songs
so jealous/tegan & sara
the best little secrets are kept/louis XIV (it serves them right to have their album deleted; it's title is a lie)
the downward spiral/nine inch nails -- kept "hurt" and "a warm place"
with teeth/nine inch nails -- kept "every day is exactly the same" and "right where it belongs"
the Futureheads/the futureheads -- kept "the city is for you to use"
wet from birth/the faint (it's too bad; i liked their band name)

andrew david. "kayaking down a river of eggless chocolate" shekinah, saskatchewan.


beth said...

Hey editor. It's "its."

andrew said...

your right

Beth said...

my eyes! my EYES!

Matt Basinger said...

Two comments:

This cake is AMAZING!

Why didn't you send me the Mars Volta before you deleted them!


andrew said...

matt, fear not! as much as i love that little crumpling noise that windows makes when i empty the trash, i haven't yet done the deed. mars volta is still safe and sound. but how should i get it to you? are you coming to seattle at all this christmas?

Danny said...

So are keeping your Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls?

andrew said...

danny, i think i inadvertently deleted the backstreet and spice girls from my collection. could i borrow your albums again?