Friday, December 15, 2006

christmas list

1. piano sheet music - absolution/muse
2. piano sheet music - amelie soundtrack/yann tierson
3. piano sheet music - play/moby
4. piano sheet music - drunkard's prayer/over the rhine
5. six mighty floodlights that run with very low battery power and are easily portable (to play soccer in the dark)
6. a dark colored fleece or a hoody (i.e., black, dark brown)
7. one of those ipod docks that includes good speakers (so i can outblast my roommate in his basement music studio)
8. a parallel bible that includes the rsv and eugene peterson's the message
9. something that will teach me how to use f-stops and my tripod and help me catch danny on istock
10. the 18-200ish lens that danny's buying himself
11. a gift certificate to have my camera cleaned by some camera cleaners
12. some sugary treats
13. a puffy coat
14. a pack of expensive root beer
15. a yummy smelling candle
16. a really good book that will make me think, scribble funny things in the margin, and cry
17. a roundtrip ticket to belize

andrew david. "last year's loot" seattle, wa.


Beth said...

I laughed about #13.