Sunday, December 10, 2006

a guest christmas blog

i really like christmas, but it's surprising how many things that i associate with christmas. it's colorful yet contemplative, giving and receiving, christmas parties and long lonely drives to see the folks. and i like it all. but i'm not really sentimental about christmas. that is, you probably won't find me reaching into my stocking and pulling out happy christmas anecdotes. so, since i'd hate to deprive you of some christmas blogging, here's a guest post from mari becker (you might know her as the 4th google hit for "blue scholars lyrics"):

" sweaters. My lovely housemate Beth purchased a lovely Christmas sweater for me with keyboards and musical notes strewn across it. I've had the privilege of wearing it for not one, but two full days now, and let me tell you that there is no better way to spread Xmas cheer than this cozy item. First off, I wore it on the bus going downtown. There was a man kind of talking to himself across the aisle from me, and when he stood to get off the bus, he turned to me and said 'What a great Christmas sweater! I feel better already.'

"Then I wore it to a senior holiday potluck, and the seniors were whispering to themselves only to reassure me 'don't worry about us, we're just discussing your beautiful Christmas sweater. Where did you get it?' I told them Value Village would be a good place. (Side note: Value Village is not a good place! I hope you already have your sweaters b/c Nora and I went there yesterday and there is definitely a not what you would call a plethora of xmas sweaters. It seems they are the hot ticket this holiday season.)

"OK lastly I went to pay for gas in the station I usually frequent. The regular cashier, an Indian immigrant who normally speaks to me in broken English, grinned, pointed to my sweater, and said something very much like 'what an awesome Christmas sweater.' Now Whitney could probably tell us the truth, but I don't think 'christmas sweater' is historically the standard first phrase learned among English language learners. Which points to the rising prominence and importance of these key fashion statements! Please, please, don't take this sweater lightly. There are pullovers, cardigans, even sweater vests, but nothing replaces The Christmas Sweater."

andrew david. "last christmas, my dad preferred hawaiian shirts and vests to christmas sweaters" springfield, or.