Tuesday, December 19, 2006

i finished christmas shopping!

in lieu of a proper blog posting, i'm trying a new font. and in addition to tinkering with the 17 point scale text type, i also finished my christmas shopping and started don delillo's white noise. beth recommended it to me during our gre studies. she said something like "it's a strange, post-modern classic; i think you might like it,"and because beth has a surprisingly keen sense of what others like, i thought something like "okay." and now here i am reading white noise and experimenting with blog fonts [p.s., it turns out that the new font is invisible. what a waste. oh, well, ain't life grand?]

unknown. "flipbook potential" shekinah, saskatchewan. (i spent about five minutes studying these pictures. during that time i discovered great, earth-shaking truths and was bemused by the animate nature of my hands, cup, and expression [and by 'my' i'm referring to me, the guy in the stripes], especially in contrast to beth's motionless expression of mock gravity.)


Anonymous said...

This is cute!!!

Beth said...

merry Christmas Eve!

Emily said...

Beth, you're so serious in these pictures!
Also, White Noise is AWESOME. I need to read it again. I think I cried a lot.

andrew said...

what's my favorite thing about being home alone? sitting on the heat register, of course. ahhhhhhh.

merry christmas season!

grim indeed.

wow! awesome is quite an endorsement. i haven't cried yet, but maybe i will soon. the characters are still a bit too strange for me to relate that much. but delillo has some rather thoughtful moments.