Thursday, December 28, 2006

christmas loot

i made a pretty good haul this christmas. in fact, this list isn't even finished. there are at least three gifts missing. and don't worry, there's still time to get me a gift--epiphany isn't 'till january 6th.

1. night by elie wiesel
2. east of eden by john steinbeck
3. how to mow the lawn by sam martin
4. parallel bible (nasb + the message)
5. one year of the bible (new living translation)
6. wild at heart by john eldredge
1. sugar almond
2. vanilla
3. mulberry wine
1. a stylish black shirt
2. a hoodie
3. tube socks
4. dress shoes
5. two pairs of pajama pants

1. christmas cookies
2. wasabi mustard
3. clotted cream
4. strawberry jam
5. strappleberry gum

6. chai tea mix
1. cordless headphones
2. small ipod dock with speakers
1. piano bench
2. muse sheet music
3. kazoo
two wallets
2. deoderant
3. framed picture of a potter

good news. my friends and family seemed to have reached a consensus about my tastes. they have determined that andrew is a stylish fellow that likes to read, smell good, eat well, and immerse himself in music.

beth the s.o. "avocados & chili, but it was too early for saint nick" gregg lake, alberta.