Thursday, September 14, 2006

keyword analysis

mari asked me to report some of my creepy site-visitation stats:

drill down2 25.00%girlhood spoiling porn site (ack! both these hits were from a user in turkey who spent about 2 min looking around)
drill down1 12.50%the 17 point scale (google attributes this hit to a surfer in fayettville, arkansas....)
drill down1 12.50%blue scholars lyrics 17 point (san jose, california)
drill down1 12.50%ousta lyrics veggie tales (a googler from a college in south carolina)
drill down1 12.50%marigrace becker (the same user visited from the unscene before googling mari; san francisco?)
drill down1 12.50%blue scholars lyrics (spokane, wa. this user didn't seem to stick around very long)
drill down1 12.50%mismaloya catastrophe (buenos aires, argentina. 1:08)

these 8 searches all occurred in the last five days.


beth said...

I can't believe it! you watch us AND post information about us online. THAT'S what's creepy!

andrew said...

actually i kinda' meant that by the creepy. i think i've previously admitted that it's a bit stalkerish.

Matt Basinger said...

Andrew - how do you get these stat's on who's visited?

andrew said...

my little furry minions scurry through the internet, watching every single node, server, and isp. you can find them at