Monday, September 25, 2006

weather report

the seattle forecast for tomorrow is sunny. expect bright blue sky and temperatures in the mid to lower 70s. some fall leaves may tumble to the ground and crunch beneath your feet, but don't expect any rain drops. indeed, it will be bright and sunny well into sunday night when the 3-0 seattle seahawks will bring rain to the sad city of chicago.

andrew david. "dude waving hawk flag" seattle, wa.
SEAHAWKS 42, GIANTS, 30 - and i was there! but i'm not sure about this guy...


beth said...

are weather reports what happen when you feel the pressure of people actually reading your blog?

andrew said...

weather reports are what happen when i spend way too much time trying to think of synonyms for the word "door." weather reports happen when i accidentally transform a random thought about andrew best into a blogging epic. weather happens when a haggard andrew says to his roommate, "quick! give me something that i can write about in three sentences or less."