Monday, September 11, 2006

help! i don't know what to write...

i don't really know what to blog about at the moment. it's been about a year, and perhaps i'm running out of things to say. here are some ideas that i've had in the past -- if any of these sound interesting let me know:

1. the james philosophy of life (and drugs)
2. the world breathes shadows
3. lectio divina ("these days we conduct church a lot like the late show...")
4. an exploding candleholder ("a candle just exploded. a loud crack...")
5. marriage a la alex
6. annoying noises while in the bathroom
7. shawshank redemption stuff
8. thoughts on life, flatland, and my grandpa ("i remember edwin a. abbott as the wicked writer of '96")
9. the superbowl ("i hope you will pardon one last moment with the seahawks...")

and some newer ideas that i had in the last 30 seconds:

1. 30 minutes of thinking a day, the other andrew way
2. the seahawks o line and today's trade
3. another first essence poem
4. 48 h saturation: getting to know you
5. racoons and walruses
6. okay, this is getting ridiculous

andrew david "a handshake from whitney" puget island, wa.


Matt said...

I vote for:
30 minutes of thinking a day, the andrew best way

Anonymous said...

Just write already. I'll put a plug in for #8. And I'm curious what the annoying noises are but not sure I'd like to request a bathroom blog...

Anonymous said...

Andrew Best!

andrew said...

alright, next week i'll write a post about the mind of andrew best.

anonymous, i'll do #8, but it may take me longer. about a month ago i was telling beth that #8 was gonna' be my best blog post ever. and i'll save you from the worst blog ever--all noises are annoying while in the bathroom. at the time that i was considering this as a post, i was annoyed at my roommate's plunking of the piano as i sat on the toilet. when i'm on the porcelain throne all i want is quiet. if the world is loud i get cranky.

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