Tuesday, December 13, 2005

photos from the enchantments [3, final]

A Study in All the Other Stuff (e.g. not water & not light)
check out photos from the enchantments 1 and photos from the enchantments 2

i usually try and avoid picturing two days straight of pictures, but i have to find at least one printing candidate beforethese pictures are from my latest annual backpacking trip with steve. you know the drill. i'm lookin' for photography advice. that is, let me know how i could have improved these fotoes AND whether any of them appear print-worthy (an * means that i'm considering them) AND any other thoughts regarding the pictures or my time in the enchantments.

1. Andrew David 'Land Encroaches on Sky' somewhere in the enchantments -- way too dark.
*2. Andrew David 'Fire Trees' somewhere in the enchantments -- i love these trees, especially in contrast to the dark mtn
3. Andrew David 'Lone Puff I' somewhere in the enchantments -- which of these is best? are any worthy of printing?
4. Andrew David '
Lone Puff II' somewhere in the enchantments -- which of these is best? are any worthy of printing?
5. Andrew David 'Lone Puff III' somewhere in the enchantments -- which of these is best? are any worthy of printing?
6. Andrew David 'Icy Crick' Aasgard Pass --
7. Andrew David 'Guardian of the Enchantments' somewhere in the enchantments -- imagine this after photoshopped and then react.
8. Andrew David 'When You're Thirsty or Bored' Lake Stuart--
9. Andrew David 'Brustled Clearing' Lake Stuartish --
10. Andrew David 'Cotton Lake Stuartish --


Chadius said...

Hey 'dru,
I just saw these. Sorry, I do not check your blog that often. I like them, and the idea of getting comments. Unfortunately it does not seem that you got too many comments. So, here is my go at come comments. First off, "lucky" (~a la Nappy D) I tried to hike the enchanments but we only made it to Nada lake since we only had one day.

About the pictures. I like #5 the best out of the 3,4,5 series. The horison cuts at 1/3rd which is supposed to be a good thing. Also the dropping mountain ridge lead the eye to the interesting cloud formation. the shadow under the cloud makes it stand out even more. Question- Did you photoshop it at all? I seem to alway like to amp the saturation and hit up some unsharpmask action.

#1 would be a great one if the detail was not lost in the shadow. I really like cloud formaations like those, it allows you to control where the eye is lead to.

About #6, I am imagining it post photoshop but I have no idea what you would choose to do to it only what I would try.

~keep posting pics and let me know when you do.