Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Photos from the Enchantments [1]

A Study in Sunlight
these pictures are from my latest annual backpacking trip with steve. you know the drill. i'm lookin' for photography advice. that is, let me know how i could have improved these fotoes AND whether any of them appear print-worthy (an * means that i'm considering them) AND any other thoughts regarding the pictures or my time in the enchantments.

*1. Andrew David 'Moses and the Bush' Aarsgard Pass?--
2. Andrew David 'Trees!' Aarsgard Pass?--
3. Andrew David 'The Thinker and the Hippotamus' Colchuck Lake's little buddy lake--
4. Andrew David 'Tracks
Colchuck Lake's little buddy lake --
5. Andrew David 'A Lake' Lake Stuart--
6. Andrew David 'Halo'd' Lake Stuart--
7. Andrew David 'Who's Under There?' Lake Stuart -- i like this photo more than i should. something about the colours...
8. Andrew David 'Log' Lake Stuart-- don't know why i posted this one.
9. Andrew David 'Brustled Clearing' Lake Stuartish --
10. Andrew David 'Cotton Lake Stuartish --


Beth said...

I like 1 and 3. I'd crop most of the grass off of 7 and make it an 8x10 in the other direction.

Chadius said...

Again I like the ones with people in them so the one with steve is tops in my book.

Sometimes the lens flare from the sun can be great and add interest to a shot, but I just had a whole batch of pics under/over exposed because of it. I am rather anti flare at the moment. I went snow shoeing and the sun's reflection on the snow or the sun itself messed with ever one of what could have been some ok shots.

Keep making pictures and then posting them for the world to see.