Tuesday, December 13, 2005

christmas list

1. ipod video (30gig)
2. if ipod acquired, a bose sound system for the ipod
3. if ipod acquired, a jogging ipod holder thing-ma-bob
4. a reading lamp of some kind (i can't reach the light switch in my room)
5. travel things: tickets to belize, jamaica, chile, czech republic, or new zealand
6. ding dongs
7. light yet durable camera tripod
8. d70 remote
9. d70 zoom lens, a good one, at least $200, preferably $312+
10. really warm coat, perhaps puffy
11. seahawks season tickets
12. a suit jacket (beth says i need one)
13. piano sheet music (ben folds five: the unauthorized biography of reinhold messner; ben folds: (a single song) philosophy; soundtrack to amelie)
14. elements of style
15. a peanut brittle castle
16. seahawks superbowl tickets
17. ipod video (60 gig)


Anonymous said...

nobody get him the peanut brittle castle... I already got it.