Thursday, December 08, 2005

nonsense [1]

several weeks ago an endophenotyper from the university of washington off-handedly remarked on the rambling nature of my blog. he then explained that my entries tend to exude better diction and more confidence than my everday speech. more recently, a research subject accused me of having a 'big voice.' after several phone conversations, he was quite surprised to see a lanky andrew behind the phone instead of some bulky nfl lineman (apparently yesterday's all-time personal record of 137.5 pounds didn't strike him as particularly large). all this leads me to several thoughts that have been repeated elsewhere ad nauseum, but let me add my voice to the fray: am I really many different MEs? is technology responsible for some sort of multiplicity effect whereby the telephone me, internet me, and talking me fail to match up? and whats more real, my impression of who i am or how others perceive me?